九游和美科技(上海)有限公司[yǒu xiàn gōng sī]

Special Sun A·H·M Technology(shanghai)Co.,Ltd.The company was established in 2000,with total investments of RMB250million,is a comprehensive enterprise that the first engaged in R&D,production and sales of electronic components.The company owns a large number of experienced technical and management personnel,and has always pursued the science and technology for first,integrity-based business philosophy.Our mission is to provide customers in industry with the superior components solution.
The main products are 0.5A~50A bridge rectifiers (MINIDIP,DB,WOM,KBP,GBP,GBL,KBL,KBU,GBJ,KBPC,GBPC etc.),general purpose rectifiers,fast recovery rectifiers,high efficiency rectifiers,supper fast recovery rectifiers,Shocttky barrier rectifiers,zener diodes,transient voltage suppression,transistor,discharge tube and SOT/SOD diode and audion,LED,rectifier module series.